NZ number plate frames

Licence plates are an opportunity to make a statement.  Show the world a little bit about yourself with great looking license plate frames from Autographics.  Imagine you’re driving along reading someone else’s number plate frame; think what an opportunity is being wasted if your vehicle isn’t catching other’s attention the same way.  Make your number plate frame say something about you or your business.

You can design and order our NZ number plate frames to promote your car or truck dealership, business fleet, club, product or promotion. Our license plate frames can incorporate a variety of styles and designs; it’s up to you.

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Frames for Standard NZ Plates

To fit plate size 360 x 125mm. See also our fun frames at the bottom of this page and our winged frames for more options to fit standard NZ plates.

W90 Winged frames for Standard NZ Plates

To fit plate size 360 x 125mm.

These frames cover a 520mm long space the same as European plates. Our winged frames are a fully legal alternative to personalised European sized plates.  Used on import vehicles from Europe, South Africa and Singapore, winged plates are a great way to cover where the original European plates were and the holes from the screws that held them to the vehicle. 

If the front bumper has a significant curve to it the optional backing plate will pull the ends of the winged frame tight into the bumper. On the rear of the vehicle a backing plate can enable you to use holes in the car that don’t line up with the holes in the standard NZ plate. This is better than trying to drill holes in the plate or the car.

Not all cars have the space for this size frame however, and sometimes it will only fit on one end of the car, so we sell them individually rather than in pairs. There is also the shorter W70 winged frames which are 480mm long if the space is restricted.

W70 Winged frames for Standard NZ Plates

To fit plate size 360 x 125mm. These frames have 70mm wings rather than the 90mm wings so the overall frame length is 480mm. They are a fully legal decorative option for standard size licence plates.

# Hashtag plate Frames

The Hashtag plates are 440mm x 112mm which is like a shorter version of the European plates. The only solution we are aware of is to cut an 80mm section out of the center of European surrounds.

les need  No holes need to be drilled in the plateEuropean size plate holders

To fit plate size 520 x 112mm. We have tried six different designs for these plates from various factories and this is by far the best one available. No flimsy clips or hinges, no difficult to align clips. This is a robust and easy to fit plate holder that is very hard to steal the plate from. No holes need to be drilled in the plate and no screws are visible when the plate is fitted so the result is a very clean and tidy look.

NZ Slimline Plates

These frames fit the 360 x 100mm plates and are now a one-piece frame.

Message and Lifestyle Plates

These frames fit 360 x 155mm plates and are now one piece frames.

Motorcycle Frames

To fit plate size 260 x 100mm for motorcycles and Suplementary plates used on bike racks or other things that obsecure the regular plate.

NZ Fun Frames

Frames fit standard NZ plates (360 x 125mm).

NZ licence plate laws

 All New Zealand licence plates must be issued by Waka Kotahi (NZTA) or their agents and have the silver fern in the white reflective background. The exception is the black plates which must have the NZ hologram in the lower right corner. Number plates must be attached securely to the vehicle without any rotation. 

All letters and numbers must be clearly visible all the time. This means, however that any licence plate frame that does not obscure the letters and numbers is completely legal.

NZ licence number plate sizes

 A standard size New Zealand number plate is 360mm x 125mm.  Standard personalised plates are the same size and trailer plates are this standard size too.  

The old black and silver number plates were in inches rather than millimeters and are a little smaller than the new metric standard plates but our frames will still fit.  We recommend putting a few layers of tape over the edge of the plate to make a tight fit for the frame.  This will avoid it rattling. 

The Message, Lifestyle, Kiwi Colour, Chic, Camo, Team and Heritage plates are 360 x 155mm, slightly taller than standard. 

Japanese size plates are 330 x 165mm and we have a frame for them.

The Slim Plates are also the same length as standard plates but at 360 x 100mm, they are not as tall.

Country Flag and Hashtag Plates are 440 x 112mm and no frames are made that size so we cut a section out of European size frames.

European size plates are 520 x 112mm and we have frames and holders for them.

NZ Motorcycle plates are 260 x 100mm and we have frames for this size.