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At Autographics our aim is to make top-quality number plate frames available at the best possible price.  Minimising our overheads lets us pass on the cost savings to you.  From the initial concept design through to the delivery, our focus is on reducing your spend without compromising the quality of our licence plate frames or the level of service we offer.

Number plate frames are an incredibly cost-effective way to promote your business or organisation.  They stay looking good for many years and cost so little.  Why wouldn’t you?

licence plate frames
number plate frame for car

Leading edge design in number plate frames

How do we do it?  Our CAD (computer aided design) team took international product research into frames used in the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand along with our years of experience and customer feedback, to create what we whole-heartedly believe to be the best New Zealand number plate frames available.  We produce a stronger, modern looking license plate frame that incorporates the rounded style elements of modern vehicles with a large, versatile print area.

Be seen, get noticed

The bigger flat print area on our number plate frames allows for bigger lettering.  That means your message is seen from further away and we can fit more text on the frame.  Or you can choose a completely unprinted frame as a very stylish way to enhance a personalised plate.

Customer feedback

We sell on Trademe in New Zealand which gives a fully independent record of customer feedback on the products and service we provide.  We sell under Autographics. and to see our feedback, go to: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Feedback.aspx?member=1530151

We also have some feedback on our Google business page.

Our first plate frames - the Fun Frames

Autographics is owned by Doug Withers who first started selling his licence plate frames in 2002 with fun messages through gift shops. Autographics still has a big range of the fun messages on standard NZ frames.

How can we help?

Not quite sure about the layout for your number plate frames? Make it easy and utilise the experience of our graphic designer.   Draw upon our years of experience helping promote car dealers, corporate fleets, clubs, societies, advertising, and promotional companies.   We know how to promote just about anything, and all for just a few dollars per vehicle. 

We can work with your existing design and use your logo, or we can work with you to design something new.   For fewer than 20 frames, we use computer cut sign writing vinyl in various standard colours or digitally printed vinyl.  For larger orders of 20 or more frames we screenprint ink directly onto the frames.

In case you’re wondering about installation

Our number plate surrounds are very easy to install and come with easy-to-follow tips and instructions. We also offer an installation service by appointment at our Auckland premises for just $10.00 per vehicle. Simply call 021-299-7415 to let us know when you’d like to come.

You can add a finishing touch to your vehicle or your fleet without spending a lot of money. 

Making our own moulds

Doug designed Autographic’s first injection mould in 2005, using state-of-the-art 3D flow modelling software.  Since then, we have incorporated modifications, but largely the design has withstood the test of time and been partly copied by others.  But as the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The same design concept has been used to make a mould for the NZ motorcycle size plates and the slightly smaller South Australian and Western Australian motorcycle plates. 

Our most recent mould has been for the traditional Australian size plate, which is used throughout the South Pacific, except for the Cook Islands which uses a different size.

Are the frames legal?

Yes, all our products are legal to use on your vehicle.  None of our frames obscure the licence plate they just improve what it looks like.

What are the frames made of?

All our frames are made of ABS plastic which is a common material used for car parts and can be recycled when the car is scrapped.  All the frames we manufacture from our own moulds have the plastic recycling code for moulded into the back of the frame.  We use recycled plastic resin in our frames whenever it is available and of good quality.

Do they break easily?

No, ABS plastic is strong and flexible so it can take a fair amount of harsh treatment.   Many cars have a curved front bumper and our frames can be bent to a curve to match the curve of the bumper.  Our frames are very seldom damaged by couriers because they are flexible rather than rigid and brittle.  We also pack them in very strong recyclable packaging to protect them further.

Standard and Personalised NZ Licence Plate Sizes

A standard size New Zealand number plate is 360mm x 125mm.   Standard personalised plates are the same size and trailer plates are this standard size too.  

The old black and silver number plates were in inches rather than millimetres and are a little smaller than the new metric standard plates but our frames will still fit.   With this non-standard size we recommend putting a few layers of tape over the edge of the plate to make a tight fit for the frame.   This will avoid it rattling. 

European size plates are 520 x 112mm and we have frames and holders for them.

NZ Motorcycle plates are 260 x 100mm and we have frames for this size.

Cut and fit frames.

Frames for the following non-standard sizes are currently not available in the marketplace.   Autographics have developed an innovative solution by cutting and joining other sized frames to make them fit these personalised plates.   

The Personalised plates products: Message, Lifestyle,  Japanese, Kiwi Colour, Chic, Camo, Team and Heritage plates are 360 x 155mm which are slightly taller than standard.  

The Slim Plates are also the same length as standard plates but at 360 x 100mm, they are not as tall . 

Country Flag and Hashtag Plates are 440 x 112mm.

It is important to note that these cut and fit frames have to be glued to the plate and will have small joins.


Reducing our impact on the planet

Reuse, repurpose or recycle, in that order: this is our company practice. 
To protect our products during delivery, we use environmentally friendly cardboard.  Where necessary, we package combined orders utilising waste packaging materials from other businesses, saving it from landfill for a little longer.

Reuse ...

We encourage our factory in China to use recycled plastic whenever suitable quality can be sourced.  Because contamination issues can cause defects that then requires more stringent quality control, no other manufacturer does this.  However, at Autographics we think a little extra work is a small price to pay to avoid using so much virgin plastic and the non-renewable resources used to create it.

repurpose, recycle

Autographics is the only New Zealand number plate frame manufacturer to use any recycled plastic in our frames.  Our moulds put the recycling code and the plastics description onto the back of our number plate frames so that the plastic can be recycled in the correct manner.  We are the only manufacturer to do this, and we have done it on every frame produced since we made our first mould in 2005.