NZ Blank Winged Plate Frame W60


A number plate frame to fit standard NZ plates (360 x 125mm) that covers a space 460mm wide.

This item is sold as individual frames, NOT in sets or pairs.
Fits standard size 360 x 125mm NZ plates.
Outside measurements of the frame 460 x 140mm.

1212 in stock (can be backordered)

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This New Zealand number plate frame has wings that extent the length to cover the space of a European number plate. The frame fits standard sized NZ plates which are 125mm tall and 360mm long.  The rectangular “wings” on the ends of the frame are ideal for pictures and logos like the personalised Europlates. This product has 60mm wide ‘wings’ each end that make it a total of 460mm long. We also have frames with 80mm wide wings that are 500mm long.

These frames are a fully legal alternative to personalised European sized plates which cost hundreds of dollars.  Don’t waste your money buying European sized plates from overseas as they are not legal in New Zealand even if they have the correct registration number for the vehicle.  Police and Parking Wardens issue a $200 instant fine for vehicles with licence plates that do not have the silver fern in the reflective background of the plate.  These frames work with your standard size legal plates so you don’t risk getting fined.

Remember these frames are sold INDIVIDUALLY not in pairs as some customers only need one frame. If you need a pair then enter a quantity of 2.

Additional information

Weight 63 g
Dimensions 460 × 8 × 140 mm