Aussie Printed Black Frame (minimum order 20)


Aussie Printed Black Frame

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Quantity Price
1 - 11 $2.99
12 - 49 $2.99
50 - 99 $2.50
100 - 199 $2.25
200 - 311 $1.90
312 - 623 $1.59
624 - 935 $1.55
936 - 1,247 $1.51
1,248 - 1,559 $1.34
1,560+ $1.30

These plastic number plate frames are screen printed with one or more colours to your design. They fit standard size Australian License Plates (372 x 133mm). They are ideal for promoting a car dealership, club, vehicle lease, rental or hire businesses, or to increase awareness of a product or service.

If you order 312 frames (a full carton) or more we can make the frames in your choice of colour but it takes about two moths to order the frames in for you. Email us or call Doug on +64 21 299 7415 to discuss this option now!

The minimum order is only 12 surrounds which would suit a fleet of 6 vehicles or less. There is a one-off cost to make the screen for screen printing your frames which is NZ$80. The screen can be reused for repeat orders so you only pay for it once. Please select from the options to design the print layout of your frames or email us the details of what you would like on the top and bottom of your number plate frames.

The prices here are for a single colour screen printed onto the frames. For complex designs including multiple colours or complex logos, please contact us by phone or email.

A proof, which shows a picture of what your frames will look like, will be supplied before the frames are printed.

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 376 × 154 mm