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Drive your advertising all over town

Screen printed number plate frames custom made for your business are very cost-effective marketing. We can work with your existing design and use your logo, or we can work with you to design something new. For fewer than twelve frames, we use computer cut sign writing vinyl in various standard colours. For orders of twelve or more frames, we screen print ink directly onto the frames.

licence plate frames
License plates australia

Promote your vehicle dealership

Advertise your dealership on the road and all around town. License plate frames are a tried and true, cost-effective way to market your car dealership. Simply email us a high-quality copy of your logo and the text you would like on the top and bottom of the frame and we will email back a design proof so you can see what the frames would look like before we print them for you.

custom number plate nz

Promote your small to mid-size New Zealand business

Custom made number plate frames are great for promoting your business on a small number of vehicles or if you want to have different information on each vehicle. For example, you could put each driver’s cellphone number on their vehicles number plate frames. There are no set up costs as each frame is individually made: for fewer than twelve frames, we use computer cut sign writing vinyl.

custom number plate nz

Promote your business on your fleet vehicles

Installing license plate surrounds is very easy and there is no damage to vehicles whatsoever, so even if your fleet vehicles are leased, you can still grab the opportunity to promote your business.

custom number plate nz

Promotion and fundraising for your club

Have your members buy a pair of screen printed number plate frames custom made with a promotional message about your club for their vehicles and get the best advertising ever – word of mouth endorsement from a club member. Frames cost just a few dollars a pair when screen printed in bulk, but you can sell them for $10.00 or $20.00 a pair and make a substantial profit as a fundraiser for the club.

custom number plate nz

Promote your vehicle lease or rental company

Most vehicle lease companies, or rental car companies, put number plate frames custom made and screen printed on the vehicles they lease or hire out because it is such a cost-effective promotional tool. No damage is done to vehicles and it makes them look smarter. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to promote your company across New Zealand.


Make sure every vehicle that leaves your dealership has your number plate frames front and back to promote your dealership.


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