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Autographics About Us - Suppliers of NZ's best number plate frames
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Customer feedback

We sell on Trademe in New Zealand which gives a fully independent record of customer feedback on the products and service we provide.  

We used to sell under the Julia21 login which has this feedback:
To see our previous feedback on Trademe click this link: www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Feedback Julia21

We currently sell under the Autographics login which has this feedback:
To see our current feedback on Trademe click this link: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Feedback.aspx?member=1530151

Lower Overheads Produce Savings for You

This website has been set up to make our top quality number plate frames available at the best possible price. By minimising our selling costs and overheads we can pass on the savings to you making our number plate frames the most cost-effective way to promote your organisation on your vehicles. Screen printed license plate surrounds stay looking good for many years and cost so little. From the initial concept design through to the delivery to your door we have focused on reducing costs without compromising the quality of the number plate frames or the level of service we offer. 

Leading Edge Design

The CAD (computer aided design) team took our product research of frames used in the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand along with our years of experience selling NZ and Australian frames and our customer's feedback, and they designed what we believe is the best New Zealand number plate frame available. The team's work has produced a license plate frame design that incorporates the rounded style elements of modern vehicles with the largest and most versitile print area ever.

The large flat print area enables us to use bigger lettering (so it can be seen from further away)and fit more text on the frame if required. The design of the frame looks good no matter how much or little is printed on the frame or if only one side is printed. Our frames (particularly the chrome ones) are also popular completely unprinted as a stylish way to enhance a personalised plate for example.

Our design team used the latest Computer Aided Design technology to eliminate structural week points in the design without compromising the styling. The result is a stronger, modern looking frame.

The design specification also aimed to minimise the risk of frames getting scratched durring delivery so the back of the frame was extensively redesigned to make it smoother and to improve the way the frames stack togeather.

Autographics strong flexible number plate frame design

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Our manufacturing partner was selected for their experience in producing high volume injection moulded products to exacting international quality standards. Their state-of-the-art equipment, well trained staff and modern facilities are more than able to meet our quality and quantity requirements both now and well into the future.

Injection moulding factory

Graphic Design Service

You are welcome to design your own layout for your number plate frames or utilise the experience of our graphic designers. Our designers have a wealth of experience in meeting the needs of Car Dealers, Corporate Fleets, Clubs & Societies, Advertising / Promotional Companies and many other users of screen printed number plate frames. We can work with your existing design and use your logo or we can work with you to design something new.

Fitting the frame to a vehicle

This picture shows the back view of one of our Number Plate Frames fitted to a licence plate. 

There are six simple clips that fit tightly over the edge of the licence plate to hold the frame secure so it can not rattle. The licence plate is then reattached to the vehicle with the same screws as it was before. When the screws are done up tight the top clips are clamped between the licence plate and the vehicle making it very secure.

How to fit a number plate frame

Payment options

We accept Cash, Bank Deposit, PayPal, VISA and Mastercard.