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Best range of number plate frames all available in one place.

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Number Plate Frames

Aussie and Kiwi Frames

Our number plate frames are the most cost effective way to promote your organisation or product on just about any vehicle that has a New Zealand or Australian number plate.

You know how you can't help but notice when the car in front has a funny message on their number plate frame - that could be your message or company details that others are noticing.

With our fast, personalised service we can get your car noticed too.  We can supply just a single custom made frame or thousands of screenprinted frames.  We stock every size and type of frame we can so we can offer the widest possible range of options for you.

Maybe you have a few ideas of what might work for you but you are not entirely sure what you want.  Give us the ideas you have and any logos etc and we will create a picture of what your frames would look like so you can try different designs and see what will work the best.

Our number plate surrounds are a great way to promote a car or truck dealership, corporate fleet, club, product, or just about anything you may want to promote and all for just a few dollars per vehicle.  Thoes few dollars per vehicle will keep on working for you for years to come.

How about having some fun and expressing your personality with a pair of our fun frames.  We have all sorts of funny messages to suit all sots of people with varied interests and passions.

We also make blank and chrome frames, motorcycle frames and screen printed plate frames too.

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