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Promote your business, club or product on NZ Number Plate Frames / Surrounds

Promote your Vehicle Dealership

Screen printed number plate frames are a well proven and very cost effective way for you to promote your New Zealand car or truck dealership. Make sure every vehicle that leaves your dealership has your Number Plate Frames front and back. - Let your customers drive your advertising all over town!


Promote your Small to Mid-sized Business

Our custom made number plate frames are great for promoting your business on a small number of vehicles or if you want to have different information on each vehicle. For example you could put each driver's cellphone number on their vehicles number plate frames. There are no set up costs as each frame is individually made by hand.


Promotion and fundraising for your club

Have your members buy a pair of Screen printed license plate surrounds with a promotional message about your club that they put on each of their vehicles. People will ask members about the club and then you get the best advertising ever - word of mouth endorsment from a club member! Just seeing your club promoted on our New Zealand number plate frames will raise awareness. Even at $10 a pair you would make about 80% profit as a fundraiser for the club.


Promote your business on your fleet vehicles

Screen printed number plate frames are a very cost effective way to promote your business on your fleet vehicles, even if they are leased. There is no damage to the vehicle so you protect your resale value.


Promote your Vehicle Lease Company

Most vehicle lease companies put their own Screen printed number plate frames on the vehicles they lease out because it is such a cost effective promotional tool. No damage to vehicles and it makes them look smarter too.
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