Personalised Chrome Motorcycle Number Plate Frame


Personalised Chrome Motorcycle Number Plate Frame with your choice of text.

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This frame is an ideal gift or accessory to customise a motorcycle.  The frame is chrome plated plastic with a mirror finish so it is tough and flexible but can’t rust.  It clips to the edges of the number plate and comes with easy fitting instructions

We will put your choice of text on the frame.  Text is all in capitals and 11mm high on the thin side and 17mm high on the wider side. To make the text easy to read we can put a solid background behind the text. Usually black text with a white background is the easiest to read on chrome frames. The lettering is made using the best quality external use signwriting vinyl which is rated to last at least 7 to 9 years outdoors. The lettering is cut out by a computer controlled cutter and applied to the frames by hand. We can also digitally print the design onto the vinyl.

The option of a solid background put on the frame before the text has the advantage of making the text easier to read regardless of the colour reflected in the chrome. The disadvantage is that the background covers more of the chrome. We only put it where there is text to cover as little of the frame as possible.
This frame will fit the the largest of three sizes of motorcycle plates used in Australia (254 x 100mm) and will also fit New Zealand bike plates (260 x 100mm).

The number plate frames have a plastic core and chrome metal bonded to the outside. This stops them from rusting or oxidising which causes the chrome to flake off from a metal core. A metal core has not been used for chrome number plate frames since the 1970s as the plastic core makes for a much better product at a cheaper price too.

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Dimensions 266 × 8 × 109 mm