European printed frame – Minimum order 20 frames


These are screen printed European sized number plate frames personalised with your choice of wording.  The frames fit European sized number plates which are 520 x 112mm. There is a one-off cost of $92 incl GST for the printing screen if we have not printed the design for you previously.
Minimum order is 20 frames (10 pairs).

Quantity Price
12 - 19 $13.00
20 - 49 $13.00
50 - 99 $11.96
100 - 199 $11.15
200 - 399 $10.50
400 - 599 $10.20
600 - 799 $9.95
800 - 999 $9.78
1,000+ $9.55

Printing screen

Please select New Printing Screen if we have not printed this design for you before.

This product is European sized number plate frames screen printed with your choice of wording and logo. The frames fits European sized number plates as used in Europe and available as a personalised plate option in Australia and New Zealand.  This style frame is also available blank/ unprinted.  We have similar size frames which have a backing plate and are available in black or chrome. We also have frames that fit standard sized New Zealand number plates but cover the space of European number plates. See our NZ Personalised winged plate frames.

The lettering and logo are screen printed directly onto the plastic. The pricing is for one-colour printing, please email for a quote for the cost of additional colours. Screen printing has a one-off setup cost to make the printing screen of $92 if we have not printed the design for you previously.

The minimum order is 20 frames (10 pairs).


Plate Size                        Fits plate size 520mm x 112mm

Frame Length                  525mm

Frame Height                  135mm

Print Area - Top               18mm high x 340mm long

Print Area - Bottom          25mm high x 340mm long

Frame Colour                  Black

Additional information

Weight 71 g
Dimensions 527 × 9 × 136 mm