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NZ Personalised Plate Surrounds - ONE PAIR
NZ Personalised Plate Surrounds - ONE PAIR
Colours available for the text
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These frames fit all standard sized New Zealand number plates including standard sized personalised plates. A great way to personalise your number plate at a fraction of the cost of a personalised plate. We also have standard sized Australian plate surrounds - see seperate product. Scroll to the bottom of the page to order a pair of frames custom made just for you!

An excellent way to promote a business, product or service on your vehicles. You can also use the plate frames to add words before and after a personalised plate's message to expand or clarify what it says. Or put your own fun message or slogan on the frames.

The plate surrounds are easy to install in a couple of minutes. You remove the two screws holding the number plate on the vehicle, clip on the frame and reattach to the vehicle.

You can fit up to 40 letters and spaces on the top and 30 letters and spaces on the bottom. Using fewer words makes it easier to read and therefore more effective. Text is all in capitals and 14mm high at the top and 18mm high at the bottom. Usually White text is the easiest to read on black frames and black text on white frames. Choose a text colour that will contrast well with the frame colour so it will be easy to read. The lettering is made using the best quality "outdoor use" signwriting materials which are designed to last 7 to 9 years outdoors. The lettering is cutout by a computer controlled cutter and applied to the frames by hand.

Please note: There are a few Japanese imports that do not have room to fit a frame around the number plate because it has to be bent to fit within the space in the bumper. Please check you vehicle before buying if you have any doubt about the frames being able to fit. The frames need 5mm of space at each end of the number plate.

NOTE: these frames are sold in PAIRS so the order quantity is the number of PAIRS you would like.