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European Black Number Plate Frame w/ backing plate
European Black Number Plate Frame w/ backing plate
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This black plastic frame fits European sized number plates as used in Europe and available as an option in Australia and New Zealand.  The European plate size is 520 x 112mm.

These frames come in two parts, a cover and a backing plate.  The black backing plate is screwed to the car first then the cover is clipped to the top of the backing plate.  With the number plate fitted in position the cover locks to the backing plate to secure the plate in position.

There is no need to drill holes in the number plate with this frame design.

The frame is made of tough and durrable ABS plastic like our other frames. The frame will not rust as there is no iron or steel. The frame can bend to fit the curve of your bumper.

This frame is also available with your own customised message - this is for a small additional cost.

These frames are sold INDIVIDUALLY not in pairs as some customers only need one frame. 

You can change the price to Aussie dollars by clicking on Price Set at the top of the page.

Buy in bulk for big savings - see the bottom of this page for volume discounts.

Quantity Price
1 - 9
$39.00 $20.00
10 - 19
$29.95 $18.00
20 - 39
$24.95 $16.00
40 - 99
$22.00 $14.00
$18.00 $10.00
Overall Size 530mm x 135mm
Fits plate size 520mm x 112mm