Slimline NZ Plate frames

The Slimline personalised plates available in New Zealand are the same length as standard licence plates but are not as tall (360 x 100mm for Slimline Vs 360 x 125mm Standard).  This size has not been popular enough for any frame maker like us to make a mould for this size.  Plastic injection moulds cost thousands of dollars and 3D printing is still too expensive per frame so the only option is to cut down standard frames and glue them to the Slimline plates.  The following are some photos of the process using frames with custom text on them. First we see the Slimline plate in the standard size frame.

First we cut off the top of the frame then fit it to the plate temporarily.  We fit the bottom part of the frame to the plate with the sides resting over the top of the top part of the frame so we can mark where to cut the extra length off.

With the extra length cut out of each side of the frame it now fits the Slimline plate but won’t stay attached so it needs to be glued. We tape the joins on the front of the frame to hold them in position while we flip over to the back side.

We find silicone that is suitable for outdoor use works well.  We usually get it in black if we can.   The silicone gives a strong but flexible join and fills the space between the frame and plate.  Make sure the each place it is used that the silicone has good contact with both the plate and frame.  The silicone is fully cured when it no longer gives off the chemical smell.

Below are our range of standard size NZ frames, available in a range of colours to make slimline frames from.