Message and Lifestyle plate frames

The Message and Lifestyle personalised plates available in New Zealand are the same length as standard licence plates but are taller (360 x 155mm Vs 360 x 125mm Standard). This size has not been popular enough for any frame maker like us to make a mould for this size. Plastic injection moulds cost thousands of dollars and 3D printing is still to expensive per frame so the only option is to cut three standard frames and glue them to the taller plates. 

We can make these frames and fit them to your plates but we need you to bring the plates to us and allow a couple of hours for us to cut he frames and glue them to your plates. If you can’t bring the plates to us then purchase three standard frames ( or an extra one in case it doesn’t go well) and follow the instructions below.  At the bottom of the page are two products for pick-up only as well as the standard frames product.


Cut the frames in the pattern illustrated in the pictures above. Trim the length of the sides so the pieces are a close fit to the plate. Fit the pieces and tape them in place with masking tape or other temporary tape that is clean and easy to remove.

Flip the plate and frame over and use roof and gutter silicone or other similar outdoor product that with stick well and fill the spaces between plate and frame. When cured, remove the temporary tape and install on the vehicle. Below is a Slimline frame glued to the plate with clear silicone as an example.

We don’t recommend using chrome frames as the joins on each side may be more visible than plain plastic frames.